Put YOUR CAR at Mel's or PINKS Great Gift !

If you love American Graffiti, or the Speed Channel's PINKS All Out, here's your opportunity to virtually put your car at either of these venues. An artist interpretive Photo Painting - YOUR Car rendered as a one-of-a-kind "time capsule" print with brush stroke detail and vivid color (also available on canvas). Assuming same angle, email your ride and we will put you in the picture.


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Your Car


Your Labor of Love as a Work of Art (click images to enlarge)


UltraChrome Prints Cost includes source photo conversion using our Digital Palette Tools and printing. All prints produced with no-fade Printer/Inks. On Gloss Paper:.12"x 16"..$ 69.00. 16"x 20"..$ 89.00.. 18"x 24"..$ 119.00

multiple cars extra * * Other sizes available, and on Canvas

SHIPPING in SafePac Mail Tube additional, UPS for canvas.

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